Every 2 - 3 months, we send out a newsletter giving you a brief description of our conducted overseas tours. The document links for these newsletters (past and present) are listed below.

If you are having difficulties viewing our newsletters, you may need to download Adobe Reader. This is available free of charge from the internet.

November 2015 Newsletter
Newsletter May 2019 (PDF 452KB)
Newsletter Feb 2019 (PDF 440KB)
Newsletter Jan 2019 (PDF 452KB)
Newsletter Oct 2018 (PDF 435KB)
Newsletter Aug 2018 (PDF 612KB)
Newsletter May 2018 (PDF 461KB)
Newsletter March 2018 (PDF 545KB)
Newsletter January 2018 (PDF 575KB)
Newsletter October 2017 (PDF 628KB)
Newsletter August 2017 (PDF 584KB)
Newsletter May 2017 (PDF 638KB)
Newsletter March 2017 (PDF 570KB)
Newsletter January 2017 (PDF 580KB)
Newsletter October 2016 (PDF 509KB)
Newsletter August 2016 (PDF 564KB)
Newsletter June 2016 (PDF 581KB)
Newsletter March 2016 (PDF 564KB)
Newsletter January 2016 (PDF 555KB)
Newsletter November 2015 (PDF 697KB)
Newsletter September 2015 (PDF 652KB)
Newsletter July 2015 (PDF 694KB)
Newsletter April 2015 (PDF 640KB)
Newsletter March 2015 (PDF 565KB)
Newsletter January 2015 (PDF 482KB)

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